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Sometimes it’s hard to know what you actually need, and it can seem like it’s hard to find the right partner to help you get the work you need done – done. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email with what you need, and we will help you as much as we can. We have an extensive network all over the world and in almost all sectors within communications and are happy to guide you in the work that lies ahead.

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Public Relations

The traditional model of earned communications trough PR is changing, and we are happy to offer a modern PR service based on the idea that it’s more important to create value than coverage. We know that some clients have reach as a KPI, and we can of course help you reach that KPI, but we will always question your KPIs and how they work towards achieving your overall business objectives. We can help you with creating a PR-strategy, act as press office, pitch in the nordics, be a proactive partner, develop or give input to your larger communications plan as well as help you navigate in a modern media landscape.

Public Affairs

In a modern democracy its important for companies and organizations to give their input on policy and take an active part in the societal debate. At WikbergFrisk we believe that having an effective advocacy strategy can both protect and develop our clients business. We can help you with creating that strategy, research on issues and stakeholders and hands-on lobbying.

We can also help you with creating the core of an European or pan-nordic project, and then activate our network to make sure we have an effective team that can cover all your needs.

Issue & crisis management

As the media landscape is changing, and with the ever increasing pressure from new channels like social media, it’s important to be able to effectively and directly address critical issues. At Wikberg&Frisk we can help you both directly when the issues surfaces and proactively help you manage potential risks. We can help you manage your media relations, messaging and infrastructure to handle everything from single disgruntled employees and customers to large scale infrastructure for major issues like product recalls and external campaign aimed at your organization. We also offer training and education to better prepare you and your coworkers to handle a crisis in a good way.


To be able to create awareness and value around your brand, you sometimes need new ideas that can get your stakeholders attention. We create customized communication ideas based on your needs and budget. It can be an initiative, a campaign or even a new branch of your organization – all depending on your brief.

Network activation and project management

At Wikberg&Frisk we can help you with almost any communication project by using our large network of agencies, freelancers and specialists. We help you manage all partners, keep the budget and make sure the deliveries are satisfying. This makes sure that we can use just the right partner for the work that needs to be done, and we never have to be worried that we are selling you something that we can’t really deliver on. And for you, this means that you only need to have one point of contact and not be burden by having to coordinate a lot of people that you might not even be sure what they do.